DE-OX-ID Contact Protector/Enhancer, 4 oz (Aerosol)

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DE-OX-ID Contact Cleaner (Aerosol): solventless, light oil based contact treatment compound with active ingredients to counteract oxidation. Lowers contact resistance, inhibits arcing, lubricates and protects against corrosion. For use on connectors, sockets, potentiometers, switch contacts, battery connections, telescoping antennas, relay and thermostat contacts. Should be applied sparingly (e.g. with a toothpick or a hypodermic needle injector) on dirty, dusty and heavily oxidized contacts. Precleaning with a solvent type cleaner is recommended. Best results are obtained with small amounts

Type: Hydrocarbon Product

Fill Volume: 4 fl. oz. (113.4 grams)

Boiling Point: 235°F

Evaporation Rate: < 1 (ether = 1)

% Solid: 9.43 (theoretical)

Vapor Density: > 1 (air = 1)

Weight per Gallon: 6.46 (theoretical)

Shipping Class: Flammable liquid N.O.S.

Manufacturer: GC Electronics

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Brand Waldom Electronics
Class N/A
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