DEOXIT F5 Fader for Conductive Plastic and Carbon Contacts, 142g Aerosol

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DeoxIT® Fader F-Series Lubricates and Protects Conductive Plastic Faders and Controls. General contact cleaners are effective in washing away surface dirt, dust, and grime from surfaces, but prove ineffective for removing oxidation and metal sulfides. These tough contaminants actually attach to, and become an integral part of, the contact metal, causing reduced performance, system failures and increased service calls.

The only true method of eliminating oxidation and surface sulfides is by chemical action and reaction, and that is what puts DeoxIT® products in a class by themselves.

So when you want to do general cleaning and remove dust, dirt, and grime, and other surface contaminants, use a general flushing cleaner (CAIG part #DCC-V510, DDW-V610, DFW-V710). But when you need to safely cure contact related problems and dramatically improve equipment performance . . .CHOOSE DeoxIT®.

Specific Product Overview:

DeoxIT® Fader F-Series is also effective on conductive membrane switches and components. Oil, grease, and acids build up on membrane surfaces due to repeated finger contact, leading to device malfunction. These contaminants are displaced above the DeoxIT® Fader layer preventing contact with the plastic membrane. Applying DeoxIT® Fader provides improved performance and long-lasting protection.

Use Fader F-Series on: Conductive plastics, faders, switches, carbon-based potentiometers, moving and sliding plastic-to-plastic and plastic-to-metal surfaces.

Product Features:

  • Maintains connection integrity
  • Superior lubricant and protection in harsh environments
  • Prevents data errors, lockups, and intermittents
  • Reduces arcing, RFI, wear, and abrasion
  • Prevents oxidation and corrosion
  • Type: Conductive Plastic/Carbon Enhancer

    Fill Volume: 5 oz. (Aerosol)

    VOC: 588 g/l

    Odor Threshold: Ethereal/Hydrocarbon odor

    Boiling Point: -171-204°C (@760mmHg)

    Melting Point: NA

    Vapor Pressure: 35psig @ 20°C, 50psig @ 50°C

    Evaporation Rate: 0.11 (n-butyl Acetate = 1.0)

    Appearance & Color: Aerosol, Light Amber

    Shipping Class: ORM-D

    Manufacturer: DeoxIT®

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