Q:  Can I place an order online and pick it up in the store?
A:  Yes, when you place your order select "Store Pick-Up" on the check out.  You will also select which store you want to pick up your order.  Orders typically take 1-2 hours to process but if you need it sooner just let us know and we will try our best to expedite the processing. 
Q:  Do you repair TVs, amplifiers, radios, etc...? 
A:  No, we are strictly a retail/wholesale distributor and do not make any kind of repairs.
Q:  Why are some of the items you carry not showing a price online?
A:  Certain brands or product lines may either be restricted from internet-based sales or the price is not allowed to be shown due to MAP (minimum advertised price) or similar pricing restrictions.
Q:  How long have you been in business and is your business trust-worthy?
A:  We have been in business continuously since 1965 and opened our second store in 2007.  We have been in the same building in National City since 1972.  We have been owned and operated under the same family since 1982 and many of our employees have worked with us for at least 10 years.  We have survived and flourished almost entirely on word-of-mouth advertising since the company's inception.  Originally called Willy's Electronic Supply Compay Inc, we began to operate under the DBA (doing-business-as) We-Supply in 2015.  Our business model has always been to be a honest business providing excellent customer service with fair prices.  We do not try to hide our phone numbers or locations and you can reach us by phone any time that we are open.   
Q:  How do I setup a business account with your company?
A:  The easiest is to call, email, or come into either of our stores and one of our sales associates will gladly help you setup your account in our computer.  We just need basic business information for setting a typical wholesale account.  If you want to have your resale number on file, please have your California resale number with you or you can bring in a filled out BOE-230 form.  We also have a credit form if you would like to apply for Net-30 terms; this will require additional steps and is not usually approved the same day.