Flashlight Lamp, 2 "D" Cell, 2.38V .5A

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EIKO Incandescent Replacement Flashlight Lamp. Typical use: 2 "D" cell flashlight.


Voltage: 2.38V

Current: 0.50A

MSCP∗: 0.80

Base: Single Contact Miniature Flanged

Filament: C-2R

Special Description: NA

Bulb Type: B-3 1/2

Average Life∗∗: 15 Hours

Height: 1.25"

Width: 0.45"

Product Manufacturer: EIKO

∗MSCP (Approximate Mean Spherical Candlepower) is the generally accepted method of rating the total light output of miniature lamps. To convert this rating to lumens, multiple it by 12.57 (4pi).

∗∗Average Life is calculated at the bulb's exact voltage and amperage ratings, by reducing the actual input voltage by 5% the life of the bulb can last up to 185.1% longer. The lower the voltage the longer the life of the bulb; the inverse is also true.

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