Dahua latest innovation to support the upcoming regulations on COVID-19

Dahua Thermal Camera System

Dahua Technology is one of the world's largest security equipment manufacturers and has been focusing their R&D towards making meaningful technology that will help during the reduction of government stay-at-home orders.  These systems are already being deployed around the world to combat against the further spread of the coronavirus.

April 15, 2020 

We-Supply has partnered with Dahua Technology to provide a turn key solution made to quickly and effectively detect elevated temperatures within a group of people using a contactless system.  As the stay-at-home orders begin to get lifted in certain states and counties, it will be imperative that we can continue to prevent a resurgence of the virus.  This system uses a hybrid thermal image camera that can accurately measure temperatures within ±0.3°C with the blackbody JQ-D70Z case.  The camera is connected to a specialized computers that will analyze and alert the live monitor equipment to any elevated temperature allowing for personal to quickly react and re-inspect anyone who caused the system to send out the alert.  

These systems are being made-to-order and are given priority over other products in the manufacturing facility.  The lead time is approximately 2 weeks currently so impacted commercial buildings, airports, metro stations, and related high volume locations will need to contact us quickly to get these systems in place when they can do the most good.

Dahua Thermal Camera Parts
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