Rotary Switch Shorting 2 Pole 6 Position .3A-125V Solder

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Open Frame Rotary Switch

Switch Name: Rotary Switch

Switch Type: Shorting

Number of Poles: 2

Number of Positions: 6

Actuator: 38mm Aluminum Shaft (6.35mm OD)

Current Rating: 0.3A @ 125VAC

Mounting Hole: 0.375"

Initial Contact Resistance: 20 Meg Ohm (Max)

Insulation Resistance: 500VDC - 100 Meg Ohm (Min)

Withstand Voltage: 500VAC - 1 Minute

Rotational Torque: 1.0 ± 0.5 kg/om

Terminal Type: Solder

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Brand Philmore LKG
Class N/A
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