Cleaner Degreaser

Plastic & glass cleaners are specifically formulated to safely clean and polish all types of plastic, glass, stainless steel, and chrome surfaces in one application. Ideal for removal of dirt, dust, grime, handling oils, fingerprints, nicotine stains, ink marks and other contaminants. Cleaner Degreaser is an excellent strength non- flammable cleaner for electronic, electrical and industrial components and equipment. Chemically stable, quick penetrating, low surface tension action formulation removes oils, greases, grime, dirt, silicones, fluxes and other contaminants in helping to achieve optimum surface cleanliness. For use on contacts, controls,switches, relays, connectors, sockets, circuit breakers, solenoids, potentiometers, rheostats, integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, microprocessors, terminals, meters, tuners, timers, motors, generators, wire harnesses, industrial machinery, telecommunication equipment, electromechanical devices, electronic components, electrical equipment, avionics and aerospace electronics, etc. Audio video head cleaner cleans and restores sensitive magnetic and optical read/write heads. Removes nicotine, tape residues, metallic oxides, carbon deposits, oils, dirt.

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