System Integrators

System Integrators:

We have become specialized in helping you complete your installations as smoothly as possible.  We offer time saving services such a specific part kits that can be shipped to jobsites to avoid having your employees run around looking for a small part to finish their work and consignment cages for on-site inventory to avoid the need to make daily trips for small, common parts.


We create custom kits based on the repeated contracts that include all of the parts and accessories needed to complete an installation.  These kits are based on a discussion to determine what parts are needed and in what quantity.  The kits are then built to order and can either be picked up in our warehouse or shipped directly to the job site.  The benefit of this service is in the cost savings that comes from no longer having employees running around unfamiliar locations looking for small items needed to finish their work – a common problem that costs both time and money.  These kits will keep everyone focused on the jobsite. 

Consignment Cages

We offer consignment cages directly in your warehouse filled with the commonly used items that are used on a regular basis.  Now instead of sending a driver to pick up these items, you can simply sign them out from the cage and pay at the end of the month for whatever was used.  A huge time-saving convenience, these cages are restocked and maintained by We-Supply requiring no extra man-power from your organization. 

Free Local Shipping

Our local customers gain an additional service with our free local shipping service.  This provides you another time-saving service, just order over the phone or online for a qualifying amount within our delivery area and we will bring the items to your business or jobsite.  We will make all efforts to deliver the order within 24 hours and will do same day delivery if we can.

Stocked Store Front

Need something right now?  You can come into our store and get whatever you need from either of our locations.  With over 17,000 stocked items and nearly 20,000 sq ft, we typically carry what you need to complete your job.  If you are looking for a large quantity or something we don’t carry, we will gladly order it for you!