Adaptor:(2) RCA Plugs to (4) RCA Jacks
RCA Y cord Connections: (2) Male to (4) Female RCAs Finish: Gold Quantity: 1 per pack (LKG)
$3.79 $3.52
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Adaptor:(2) RCA Jacks to (4) RCA Plugs
RCA Y cord Connections: (2) Female to (4) Male RCAs Finish: Gold Quantity: 1 per pack (LKG)
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Impedance Transformer, XLR 3 Pin Female to 1/4" TS
This adaptor is designed to match 200R output impedance to 50K input impedance. It is ideal for connecting a microphone to hi-Z instrument jack.Maximizes signal fidelity when using impedance mismatched gearMinimizes high frequency and level loss caused by signal reflectionsEliminates...
$29.19 $26.27
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Low Voltage Adaptor, XLR 3 Pin Male to PHX3 Female
This adaptor connects gear with Phoenix jacks to gear with XLR inputs. 6 inches long.
$6.29 $5.66
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Digital to Analog Audio Converter
Digital Coax / Optical Toslink to Analog L/R RCA Audio ConverterThis device to used to convert the digital audio formats commonly outputed from bluray players, game consoles, and TVs to analog left/right audio for use with stereo amplifiers or analog...
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