Extended Reach Multi-Connector Compression Crimper
The Extended Reach Coax Crimper is designed with an elongated neck specifically for work in confined spaces and for short cable installations. This versatile tool easily crimps compression F, BNC and RCA connectors with an adjustable universal plunger and on-tool...
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Compression Crimper, Lateral
Compression Crimper-Lateral, Multi-Connector One tool crimps most connectors to most coaxial cables-MiniCoax, RG58, RG59, RG6, RG62, RG6QS, RG7, and RG11. Unique cable selection wheel eliminates the need to change plunger tips saving time and not losing parts. Heavy duty zinc...
$88.38 $65.18
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Compression Crimper, Compact
Compression Crimper - Compact, Multi-Connector Fast, reliable multiple-type compression connector installations. Crimps compression BNC, F and RCA connectors to coaxial cable. Steel body with chrome finish resists corrosion and extends tool life. Adjustable universal plunger ensures accurate crimps on multiple...
$42.80 $32.64
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