Coax Explorer 2 with Remote Kit
The Klein Tools Coax Explorer® 2 verifies proper continuity of F-connector coaxial cables and maps their location. The color-coded remotes allow for up to four cables to be tested and mapped, displaying cable status via LED indicators - PASS, OPEN,...
$52.58 $38.78
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LAN Installer Kit, Modular
LAN Installer Starter Kit - Modular Includes the tools needed to prepare, connect and test modular cables. Durable nylon tool pouch designed specifically for modular plug installation tools. Two additional pockets hold a screwdriver and common AA battery flashlight. Pouch...
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LANmap Kit for VDV Scout Pro
TraceAll Tone & Probe Trace wire paths and identify cables in common wiring systems. Heavy-duty RJ11 jack on tone generator for long life and repeated connections. Includes RJ11 adapter to converrt tone generator to an alligator-clip configuration. Dual material chassis...
$60.58 $44.68
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VDV Scout Pro 2 Tester Kit
The VDV Scout® Pro 2 Tester Kit is a versatile voice/data/video cable tester that locates and tests coax, data and telephone cables. Identify multiple cable runs with included remotes. With this kit, you can ensure fast and accurate cable installations...
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