Double Ended Coax Stripper
Quickly and easily strips a broad range of coax cables in a single step without any adjustments. The blades are designed to produce the standard 1/4" braid, 2-level strip for compression connectors.Works with RG-7/11/213/8 and RG-59/6/6 Quad cable typesQuickly and...
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LC CST 2 or 3 Level Coax Stripper For RG174, RG179
2- & 3-level stripper for small diameter coaxial cables including: RG178, RG179, RG188, AT&T 735(A), NT735, Belden 1855A, 8218, LMR 100A, RG180, RG187, RG188A, RG405 & more.Features: Pre-set strip lengths: outer jacket = .344" and inner dielectric = .094"
$19.79 $18.80
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Smarthome Surestrip UTP/Coax Cutter Stripper
Professional all-in-one cutter/stripper for coaxial and twisted pair cables. Cuts and strips multiple cable types: Coax: RG6, RG6 Quad and RG59, Twisted Pair (UTP/STP): Cat6, Cat5e and Cat5. Easy-to-use combination cutter/stripper. Adjustable stripping blade for UTP/STP accommodates different insulation thicknesses...
$33.69 $32.01
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Wire Stripper, 20-10 AWG
Made specifically for electronics and other precision fields. Processed by CNC machine for accurate size of notches with safety lock design for convenient storage. Light weight for easy operation. Application: AWG 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10
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Cable Slitting Tool - 0.18" to 1" Diameter
Cable Slitter Range: 0.18" - 1.0" diameter Slits/Strips round cables Adjustable cutting depth Blade Swivels for longitudinal/spiral cuts Overall Length: 5.5"
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Needle Nose Stripper
Sometimes referred to as the best wire strippers on the market, the Croc’s Needle Nose Wire Strippers will impress even the toughest critics.These strippers have countless features, each designed to make your job easier and more productive.Needle nose tipsNMSC stripper...
$28.99 $28.49
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V-Cutter NMSC Needle Nose Wire Stripper
One of the smartest inventions to come to market this decade is the V-Cutter. This simple little blade attaches to most wire strippers and allows you to strip cable with a single swipe.A new way to strip NMSC cableEasily attaches...
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Coax Cable Stripper, 2 Level
Coax Cable Stripper - 2-Level, Radial Designed for easy single operation cable preparations. Exclusive sliding depth gauge for easy debris clean-out and variable stripping capability. Durable high-carbon steel pre-set cutting blades for precise, accurate cable stripping. 2-level coaxial preparation -...
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ProStrip 25R Cable Stripper
The new Pro Strip 25R is a rugged 2 level coaxial cable stripper designed for the professional contractor. Quick change blade cartridges are factory pre-set for industry standard 1/4” cable preparation eliminating the need for tedious, time consuming blade depth...
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LC CST 2 or 3 Level Coax Stripper For RG59, RG6
2-level stripper for RG59, RG6 & RG6 Quad coaxial cables. Pre-set for RG6 CATV "F" connectors.Features: Pre-set strip length: outer jacket = .236"
$20.19 $19.18
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LC CST-11 2 & 3 Level Coax Stripper For RG8, RG11, RG213
2- & 3-level stripper for RG8, RG11, RG213 and LMR 300, LMR 400 coaxial cable.Features: Pre-set strip lengths: outer jacket=.315"; inner dielectric=.157"
$19.79 $18.80
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LC CST 2 or 3 Level Coax Stripper For RG58, RG59, RG62
2- & 3-level adjustable stripper for RG58, RG59, RG62AU & RG6 coaxial cable. Features:Pre-set strip lengths: outer jacket=.315" & inner dielectric=.157"
$19.79 $18.80
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