Pro Drywall Saw
Designed with the professional installer in mind, the teeth are precision ground for fast and effortless cutting in both directions, push and pull. The blade is extra thick (1.8mm) to prevent bending and breaking during use, whether cutting, punching or...
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Protection Plate for 1 & 2 Gang Drywall Openings
A must have for all installation professionals. This drywall protector plates temporarily locks on and protects the work hole and surrounding area from costly paint and drywall damage. Perfect with using fiberfish rods, flexible shaft drills or wire pulling and...
$13.30 $11.97
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Klein Folding Jab Saw
This durable, carbon steel blade is as sturdy as fixed blade jab sawsFaster cutting blade with its triple ground teeth and ability to cut in both directionsLockback mechanism secures the blade open at 125-degree and fully open at 180-degreeFolded saw...
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Jab Saw for Drywall, 12" Length
Jab Saw Cuts drywall, wallboard, plywood, and plastic. Triple ground teeth for a fast cut. Blade cuts in both directions (push and pull). Hardened, carbon steel blade for durability. Hardened, beveled blade point for scoring and plunge cuts. Handle structure...
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