Magnifying Visor, Customizable Magnification, LED
LED ILLUMINATED HEAD MAGNIFIER67 x 67 x 48 cm, 5 changeable lenses1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, and 3.5XCombine 2 lens for more magnification powerUltra bright LED LightUses 2 CR6120 cells (Included)
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Magnifying Visor, 1.5x - 8x Magnification, LED
LIGHTED HEAD MAGNIFIERLED IlluminatedLight Position Is AdjustableIncludes 3 LoupesMagnification From 1.5x - 8x Lenses Can Be Combined
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Handheld Magnifying Glass, 5X, LED Light
Magnifying Glass - Magnifier - Sold Individually 5X Power-9.5" Long 3.25" Diameter Glass Lens Each Weighs 6.5 Oz Features COB LEDs
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Light Vision LED Safety Glasses
Light Vision LED Safety Eyewear offers two side-mounted, ultra-bright LEDs and anti-fog coating. With contemporary styling and provides lightweight, comfortable protection. The frame color is black with a clear anti-fog lens. Wear to help protect against eye damage, and airborne...
$10.99 $10.08
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